Toyota Kikai Concept Car Price

Toyota Kikai front

In the last twenty years, cars have become like gadgets – full of electronics and all manufacturers are trying to hide all mechanical parts with shiny body panels, making the cars look sleek or, depending on the design, aggressive. Furthermore, did you saw any of the modern engines? Well, you can’t since they are covered with plastics – it seems like the manufacturers want to make even mechanical parts that are below the hood prettier. Toyota wants to change all that with their new concept – called Toyota Kikai. One thing is for sure – this is one of the most unusual car that you have ever seen!

Toyota Kikai concept Exterior

The new concept car – Toyota Kikai is really a unique car – the idea is not to hide mechanical parts – but to put them on display! However, this is not the first car that is like this – for example, Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow are very similar, but they show mechanical parts because the manufacturer wanted to save weight, to make the car go faster. Toyota thinks that machines are cool and that we are simply not appreciating them enough. The interesting thing about the Toyota Kikai is that it looks like a mix of a hotrod and a newer track-oriented car, like the previously mentioned Ariel Atom.

Toyota Kikai side

On the front, the Kikai has small and round headlights, with a minimalistic front bumper right below them. The front has a small cover that covers only a small part of the front, leaving the rest exposed. The wheels are smaller with narrow tires and are covered with small piece of metal. Actually, the front of the Kikai looks like a modern hotrod. On the back of the car, the whole frame is visible and mounted on that frame, beside the license plates, are the taillights – that are round, just like the headlights. The interesting detail is the Toyota logo which is located on the end of the roof.

Interior of Kikai concept

The minimalistic and simplified theme is dominant on the inside. There are three seats – driver’s seat is in front, while behind it is a bench that can take two people. This car does not have a traditional dashboard, instead it is just a bar on which are mounted the other elements. Manual gauges are mounted on top of the bar, while some mechanical toggle switches are mounted below. The steering wheel has a retro design, looking like the ones used on old American hotrods.

Toyota Kikai interior

Kikai Concept Engine

There are no specific details about the engine in the Toyota Kikai Concept. However, in the photos can be seen that it is going to be a mid-engine car with engine in the back and it is an inline-4 with rear-wheel drive. However, the interesting thing is that, although this car is obviously aimed at car enthusiasts – it only has automatic transmission – according to the official images.

Toyota Kikai rear

New Kikai Price

At this moment, there are no information regarding the possible price of the Toyota Kikai.

Toyota Kikai Concept car Release date

New Kikai concept will be unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, but it is not yet known whether it is going to go on sale.

Toyota Kikai front view

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