Porsche Mission E Concept Price

Porsche Mission E Concept front

The German magician has revealed all the relevant details about its long-awaited Porsche Mission E Concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which was held this September. Although, this stunning concept may have never, actually, see the daylight, we consider as a pretty smart move for Porsche, a company that has realized a true benefit from marketing an electric car, in order to meet up with, now, more than ever, strict and stringent United States and European, fuel emission standards. Let’s have a sneak peek into this highly efficient concept, shall we?

Porsche Mission E Interior

When we take into our consideration Mission E’s interior design, it will be a typical Porsche. Its inner cabin will be quite roomy, in order to be able to accommodate up to four grown-up of an average size, to sit very comfortable with having, at the same time, more than plenty of room for all of their body parts. However, it is planned to very much understated, the thing we have never assumed and which is untypical for an ordinary Porsche vehicle. Despite of that fact, all arrays of the high-technology features will be truly over-the-top.

Porsche Mission E Concept interior

According the Porsche officials, the controls inside the concept’s cabin, will be able to operate by eye-tracking and gesture control. Surprised? That will be one of the main benefits of possessing the newly designed Porsche Mission E Concept car. It is intended that the whole inner cabin to be covered with cameras that will be able to sense even the smallest movement of your eyes or/and your arms and to adjust the controls according to the driver’s behavior. Sounds a bit crazy? Well, welcome to the 21st century :-). It is, even, quite possible that the German giant introduce the possibility of managing the car, with the help of holograms, but for now, the idea is in its infancy and its implementation is highly questionable.

Exterior of Porsche Mission E Concept

Fantasy aside, the Mission E Concept’s exterior design is planned to be at least a half spectacular as its interior design. For a start, the Porsche designers have in their plans to put a huge 3-D Porsche badge in the window that will move as the driver shifts in his/her seat. Further, this lovable designed racing car will be only around 3 inches tall and will retain its characteristic modern lines of the classic Porsche look.

Porsche Mission E Concept side

And its designers even paid additional amount of their attention to its roof- they have cut the roof line significantly, in order to achieve a more sporty low-slung look. This newly made variant will be based on a Porsche-specific platform, which won’t be shared with other VW Group products. All in all, the Porsche Mission E Concept will, definitely, be a hell of a car!

Porsche Mission E Engine

According the latest rumors, which are coming from the direction of this German car maker, newly designed Mission E Concept racing car will be powered by a pair of electric motors derived from an utterly been prized and highly potent Porsche’s 919 LeMans racers.

Porsche Mission E Concept rear

That, in reality, means that this concept car will be able to develop the general strength of approximately than 600 horsepower and more than 310 miles of electric range adjusted to all-wheel-drive and four-wheel drive modes. By using an 800-volt charging port, Porsche’s engineers claim that this stunning car will be able to reach its 80% charge in just 15 minutes, which the company has called the dubbed “Porsche Turbo Charging.”

Porsche Mission E Concept back

Porsche Mission E Concept Release Date & Prices

If this amazing does become reality, it is expected that its production variant will arrive in showrooms around 2019, along with the exact pricing range.

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