Mitsubishi eX Concept Review

The upcoming 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is going to be very interesting – practically every of the major Japanese manufacturers have announced that they are going to show off some new models and concept vehicles. Nissan plans to unveil a possible successor of the current GT-R, Subaru new Impreza concept, Toyota new S-FR Concept and Mitsubishi plans to unveil an electric crossover – called Mitsubishi eX Concept. In the last couple of years, Mitsubishi used Tokyo Motor Show to show off some interesting concept – in the recent years all those models were either hybrids or electric.

Mitsubishi eX Concept Exterior

There are no official images of the car, however there are some official renderings and drawings of the concept that is going to be unveiled in Japan. The crossover itself has very interesting design – the front looks like the front grille and two inverted-C chrome bars are making a big “X”, with low and wide headlights on top. Overall, the whole front looks quite aggressive and angular headlights are just another detail that make the car different. Interesting piece of detail are the large fog lights, integrated into front bumper. Some experts have noticed that the Mitsubishi eX Concept looks a lot like the current Range Rover Evoque, especially when you look at it on the side.

Mitsubishi eX concept side

The concept version has four doors, but it appears that the rear doors are “suicide doors” (they open opposite than the regular doors). The Japanese manufacturer wanted to make the roof to “float” visually, by painting the C pillar in black. The back of the car resembles the front – it has the similar “X” shape created by black part of the back. The LED taillights have boomerang shape and are very similar to the shape of the headlights. As most of the concepts, the Mitsubishi eX quite large alloy wheels and low profile tires. While this concept might never get into production, we will surely see a model that is going to be very similar to it.

Mitsubishi eX concept interior

New Mitsubishi Concept Interior

When concept cars are in question, the interior always seems not that important. The Mitsubishi eX Concept has a minimalistic interior, with a large shelf-like dashboard that has two displays – one on top that is bigger and one in the middle that is significantly smaller. The steering wheel resembles something that you could have seen only in sci-fi movies. There are practically no physical buttons, but only displays and touch sensitive buttons.

Mitsubishi eX concept interior side

Engine of eX Concept

The Japanese manufacturer didn’t go into specific details about the powertrain of the Mitsubishi eX Concept. They said that it is going to have a next generation EV system that is going to have all-wheel drive. Furthermore, it should have autonomous driving system, active safety software and connected car technology. These are the only details so far, however, the manufacturer will probably share more on the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Mitsubishi eX concept engine

Mitsubishi eX concept Price

The Mitsubishi Concept eX is still a concept and it is not known how much it would cost if it went on sale.

Release date of the new Mitsubishi Concept

The new Mitsubishi eX will be revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

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