Kia Sportspace Concept Price

Kia sportspace concept exterior

Kia’s new Sportspace looks incredibly good and we can say we will soon have one, almost perfect vehicle on the market. The styling that arrives from Frankfurt is to appeal European customers primarily. According to the information we got at the Geneva Motor Show by Kia’s spokesperson, something what is basically an Optima wagon is already on its way to be built. The South Korean company intends to give the model sportier appearance and to make it more efficient than ever. Kia Sportspace Concept is going to enter the production in the next eighteen months.

Kia Sportspace Concept Engine

With regard to the engine, it is familiar that the Sportspace concept will run 1.7-litre diesel engine with turbo, electric booster that represents a version of Optima T-Hybrid’s diesel-electric setup. We will also have a temporary all-wheel drive (AWD). According to the information of the spokesperson, it is also possible that the future model will be even more oomph. The customers will also be offered 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine option. This engine option will enable its users to get the maximum power of 247 hp. We still don’t have any kind of information about the transmission of new Kia Sportspace Concept, because the manufacturer hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

Kia sportspace concept engine

Interior of Sportspace Concept

When you look the inside of the vehicle, you will witness the blend of black upholstery and carbon fiber trim. There will also be larger pieces of aluminum that is anodized. Because of this combination, the new model seems to be a pretty dark thing to drive. The vehicle is spacious and according to the statements of the company, you will be able to place skis by storing then between the rear seats.

Kia sportspace concept interior

Kia Sportspace concept boasts a digital instrument panel, great infotainment system and featured center console that gives the effect of separating the rear seats, as well as the front ones. It won’t be unusual if they place the infotainment system to the center console. The company claims that we will witness a completely new grand tourer breed on the market. With a great dose of sportiness, unique style and comfort, this vehicle is meant for those drivers who enjoy move around in style.

New Sportspace Exterior

It has been confirmed that Kia Sportspace concept will arrive on the market almost without changes regarding its exterior look. Except concealed door-handles, LED headlights, and blacked-out grille there are no major changes.

Kia sportspace concept upper side

The new Kia Sportspace model also features a bit sharper type of company’s renowned tiger-nose grille running horizontally and linking the already mentioned LED headlights. Besides these minor changes, there will also be some changes when it comes to the length of the roof. This Sportspace will have a long roof and angled rear hatch. To ensure sportier and more powerful appearance, the D-pillar is pitched.

Kia sportspace concept side

Kia Sportspace Concept Price and Release Date

The medium size sedan is right on the doorstep, it will go on sale in the beginning of 2016. The price of the vehicle remains unknown, because the manufacturer hasn’t shared any details about the price of the new model.

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