Citroen DS8 Review

Citroen ds8 front

New Citroen DS8 is still a great mystery since its release date is far from close. The things known are all based on assumptions, speculations and very little information provided by the manufacturer.

New Citroen DS8 Exterior

There are not any reliable information about the exterior design of the New Citroen DS8. On the basis of the available sketches, it can be concluded that the manufacturer would work on a kind of futuristic exterior design which would also bring a note of elegance and luxury. It is expected that the headlights and taillights would use the latest LED technology. Regarding the number of doors, some predictions claim that the car would have two doors, while the other claim that this would be the model with four doors, and a trunk door.

Citroen DS8

DS8 Interior

It is also firmly believed that the interior of the New Citroen DS8 would be extremely luxurious and comfortable. It is expected that the manufacturer would use leather and wood for seats and upholstery, this would provide comfort in addition to sufficient headspace and legroom. The luxury of this car would be increased by the usage of numerous settings such as Bluetooth, USB and MP3 ports. It is also believed that satellite navigation and a touchscreen would be provided.

Citroen ds8 interior

New DS8 Engine and Transmission

It has been rumored, and sometimes announced, that the New Citroen DS would be something extraordinary and something that the car market has never seen before. Namely, it is expected that this would be a very luxurious car with extremely powerful engine. Until now, we do not have even the predictions regarding the engine type.

Citroen ds8 engine

However, there are some estimates that the manufacturer would use the engine with four cylinders and the engine with turbo charging. In addition to all this, there are some rumors that the manufacturer would also offer a hybrid version of the car for some markets. The type of the transmission is also unknown. The car would be produced on the manufacturer’s EMP2 platform.

Release Date of new Citroen DS8

There has not been even remotely information whatsoever regarding the release date of the New Citroen DS8. There are only some speculations which predict that the potential debut date of this car in the showrooms may be during the first half of 2017. Regarding the sales, well, that date is even a bigger mystery. But, it is believed that the sales would be during the end of 2017, or even during the beginning of 2018.

Citroen DS8 Price

The facts that the presentation date is expected to take place in about two years and that the sales would most probably take place in three years tell us that we cannot give any precise information regarding the price of the New Citroen DS. This piece of information would most probably be known during the second half of 2017, i.e. just after the date when this car hits the showrooms.

These were the predictions for the New Citroen DS8, but the time would give us more precise data regarding its specifications and performances.

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