2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision Price

2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision exterior

Land Rover finally pulled the covers of their Discovery Vision. Allegedly, this vehicle will be one of the most luxurious, technologically advanced, and good looking SUVs you have ever seen. The concept was officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show. Wait to see what the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision has to offer and you will see that future is right at the doors. For the 2017 model year, they prepare many revolutionary changes, especially when it comes to the technology. Most experts agree that the new generation of Discovery Vision represents a blend of LR4 and the upscale Range Rover, but we would rather say that it takes the best styling cues of the two and turns them into its own, unique cues.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision Exterior

Do you notice anything familiar when you look at the picture of the Land Rover Discovery Vision 2017? Yes, it has a familiar look and styling cues we have already seen but definitely created in a unique way to get a unique design for the new Discovery Vision. Among many other noticeable styling cues, we will single out its sloping hood and the sharply-angled windshield. The front grille has also been slightly refreshed compared to the model refreshed, with the look now being rather menacing.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision side view

The front end also gets laser headlights with auto high beam control. This feature blocks the shining of bright light of the traffic around the vehicle. The rear end of the vehicle employs 3D-style taillights that ensure more traditional SUV-like appearance. On the top of the vehicle, you will see a new camera Heads-Up-display system, so the driver is able to see what’s in front of the grille. Moreover, the SUV can be controlled from the outside as well, though at low speeds. The newcomer is 194.88 inches long, 78.97 inches wide, and 73.14 Inches tall.

Land Rover Discovery Vision 2017 Interior

The cabin of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision comes with an enviable level of innovative technological features such as “Smart Glass” system. Basically, all of the windows inside of the cabin function as display, including the panoramic roof. The system cooperates with eye-tracing sensors and GPS locators to display certain data.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision interior

For example, if a passenger looks at a particular object or monument, the system displays pictures or text related to the relevant object, on the window. Another interesting feature inside of the cabin is that the seats get innovative method of folding where one can fold the second row of seats and get a table top or even the two outside seats to get “limousine mode.”

2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision Engine

Engine wise, there are no official details. Honestly, we don’t want to speculate because it is quite obvious that the Discovery Vision will be powered by something we haven’t seen before.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision engine

There is no sense to place the current engine under the hood of such futuristic and technologically advanced machine. We can’t wait to find out what will be included under Discovery Vision’s silvery skin. More details about the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Vision are yet to be released.

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