2017 Hummer H2 Review and Price

2017 Hummer H2 front view

The U.S. automaker Hummer will soon launch its excellent hard journey vehicle called the 2017 Hummer H2. The Hummer celebrates global popularity and when the first generation of it arrived in 2002, it immediately became a really successful model. The long anticipated, updated version of the Hummer should arrive soon and with all its characteristics, it will make your mouth watering. When you first look at the Hummer H2, you think that it is a military vehicle but there are many people out there who would use it for every-day drive, not only because it is uniquely designed, but because it’s luxurious, comfortable, and powered by strong engines. Well, there are some people who will use it as a stand-out-from-the-crowd tool, but most of them will buy it for the aforementioned characteristics.

Hummer H2 2017 Exterior

The Hummer H2 2017 has durable and remarkable body. This time, we expect to see more features, engineering, and tricks that will make the vehicle more manageable than previous generations. It will grow in size, which further suggests that it will gain extra weight. It is still a mystery what kind of materials will be used for the body structure, but even if they use only lightweight materials, it is inevitable that it will get extra pounds.

2017 Hummer H2 side

Also new will be a set of newly designed, larger wheels. The large construction of the vehicle has been built to deal with any kind of terrains. Its front end comes with trademark, stainless grille. Some trusted sites reported that the overall weight of this modern SUV will be around 8000 pounds, but the company hasn’t published anything yet.

2017 Hummer H2 Interior

After a long waiting period, we can finally talk about the new generation of the Hummer H2. As we expected, its cabin will be additionally modified, and this time, it will offer even more luxury to its occupants. There is no a vehicle on the market that can be compared to the 2017 Hummer H2, at least not in terms of spaciousness and luxury.

2017 Hummer H2 interior

The vehicle has clean and good-looking dashboard. Its black and silver interior looks rather sporty. The carmaker made some alternations to the central console, which is now equipped with a new, touchscreen display and control keys that give the sense of luxury and contemporariness. More details about technology, entertainment, and safety features will be available soon. Until then, read more about the engine for the 2017 Hummer H2.

Engine of the new Hummer H2

The main goal of the company is to improve efficiency and performance of the 2017 Hummer H2 and therefore they placed really powerful engines under its hood. The engines we are talking about are a 6.0-liter V8 and a 6.2-liter V8.

2017 Hummer H2 engine

The maximum power output of the former engine is rated at 300 horses, while the latter enables you to get the maximum output of 393 horses. Thanks to the engines and a six-speed automatic shifter, it will run pretty smoothly on any terrain.

2008 HUMMER H2

2017 Hummer H2 Price

It is still early to talk about pricing, but we anticipated that the starting price for the 2017 Hummer H2 will be $32,000.

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