2017 Dodge Dakota Review

2017 Dodge Dakota side view

Everything indicates that the 2017 model year will be pretty exciting, especially for truck lovers. Many companies work hard to launch new models and refresh the current ones, and Dodge is one of them. Namely, Dodge will soon launch a revamped 2017 Dodge Dakota. Three generations of this model have been launched so far, and the fourth one is on the horizon. With the last generation of the vehicle, the company hasn’t recorded many sales, and therefore they decided for refreshment. The Dodge Dakota plays a significant role in the mid-size pickup truck segment. Let’s check what it brings to the table this model year.

2017 Dodge Dakota Exterior

The Chrysler Group recently announced that the new generation of the Dodge Dakota will be based on a brand-new unibody platform. Therefore, we expect to see many novelties for the exterior. Of course, many things will be changed inside of the cabin and performance, but we are particularly interested in exterior changes, for now. The 2017 Dodge Dakota will be longer than its predecessor. Most of the recently released vehicles have lost in weight, but it is not the case with the Dodge Dakota 2017.

2017 Dodge Dakota front view

This might be the deciding factor of sales, but maybe the new Dodge Dakota has the strongest card yet to be released. The newcomer will sport many new features including new grille and headlights that make it more aggressive. Now when you know that the 2017 Dodge Dakota will gain some weight, it will be larger, and it will get new features for better look, let’s take a closer look at its cabin and see what has been hidden inside of it.

Dodge Dakota 2017 Interior

If you need an excellent truck with spacious, comfortable, and luxurious cabin, choose the 2017 Dodge Dakota, you will not regret. The cabin gets comfortable and adjustable seats covered in fine leather. Driving in different weather conditions will no longer be a problem because the cabin gets zonal temperature regulator that keeps optimal temperature inside of the car.

2017 Dodge Dakota interior

The newly designed dashboard gets a new, modern touchscreen display which shows all crucial information. Additionally, infotainment system has been updated for the 2017 model year. A great number of security, safety, and infotainment features will be available inside of the cabin.

Dodge Dakota Engine

Companies always keep details under wraps and publish them only few days before the release and that’s the case with the engine of the 2017 Dodge Dakota. They might try to keep it secret, but everyone knows that a V8 engine or a V6 engine will be fitted under the hood of the 2017 Dodge Dakota.

2017 Dodge Dakota engine

The engine lineup will probably consist of a 3.7-liter V6 powerplant and a 4.7litres V8 engine. The less powerful engine will have the capacity to make around 210 horses, while the more powerful engine will be able to make 320 hp. No matter which engine you decide to choose, a 5-speed automatic and a 6-speed manual transmission are available.

2017 Dodge Dakota Release date and price

If everything goes well, we anticipate seeing the 2017 Dodge Dakota on roads in early 2017. The estimated price for the vehicle is $25,000.

You can read more about its predecessor 2015 Dodge Dakota here.

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