2016 Lincoln Continental Price Specs

2016 Lincoln Continental exterior

Production of Continental was interrupted several years ago. Ford’s subsidiary Continental decided to stop its production, but we all knew that decision was just temporary. Continental is just too big to be discontinued for a long period of time. It is one of the legendary American cars that have been with us for decades. Therefore, few months ago Lincoln announced the release of the 2016 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental 2016 was presented at the New York Auto Show, hence we have almost all details about it. However, there are still some minor unknown things but they are going to be revealed in the following months. Considering all the available info, we can see this is the best Continental ever produced. It looks very powerful and muscular in the pictures and there are plenty of things hidden under the hood. We are sure you won’t be disappointed with the new Continental.

2016 Lincoln Continental ENGINE

The last Lincoln Continental was produced 13 years ago so it was difficult to expect it would inherit some old engines. Back at the time it used twelve-cylinder but there are going to be way different engine options than the V12 this time. First and foremost, fuel consumption is going to be reduced comparing to the V12. So far, only one engine has been officially confirmed by the Lincoln and it is the 3.5 liter EcoBoost six-cylinder.

2016 Lincoln Continental engine

The 3.5l V6 is going to be placed under the hood of the 2016 Lincoln Continental. This engine can deliver 350 horsepower and exactly the same amount of torque. Comparing to the previous engine it has less power but the time has changed since then. Nowadays, the emphasis is on the fuel economy, hence the 3.5l is going to have much better fuel efficiency than engines used 13 years ago. This unit will deliver the goods and you should not doubt at its reliability.

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR of new Lincoln Continental

The two best adjectives that describe the new 2016 Lincoln Continental are modern and spacious. It has more space for cargo and passengers and the previous model. Therefore, it is more comfortable for long rides. Designers tried to create more ergonomic seats so they can increase the convenience during the ride. It is equipped with the top-notch stereo system which has three different listening modes.

2016 Lincoln Continental side

In addition, there are satellite navigation, sunroof, glass isolation, etc. Thanks to special glasses the cabin is completely UV protected. Non-standard features are steering wheel wrapped in leather and LED illumination. Don’t be stunned if new Lincoln Continental 2016 becomes a high-flyer in the car industry in terms of interior. Apparently, engineers and designers took extra mile and they created a unique car with lots of special features.

2016 Lincoln Continental interior

2016 Lincoln Continental RELEASE DATE AND PRICE

The 2016 Lincoln Continental is a luxury sedan, thus it means it won’t be cheap. The estimated price is around $60,000, but it is possible it can go up to $100,000. We had a chance to see it at the New York Auto Show, but it will take some time before it comes to the market. Until then we can read about it and enjoy the photos.

2016 Lincoln Continental rear

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