2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Unlike most manufacturers out there, Land Rover has been using the same four models in its range for more than 30 years and they kept these models pretty close to basics up until around 2008 when they started renewing their entire lineup by 2020. The 2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept has been first shown in 2014 when they said it is going to be added to the range as a whole new model which even though it will be named Discovery, it will actually replace the ongoing Freelander which started to show its age, being almost 20 years old.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Features

Let’s start our review with the interior of the car which is probably the biggest surprise with the concept. Unlike what most people think, its interior won’t be based on the Discovery or even the Freelander but rather the Evoque meaning it will be more upmarket than before.

The materials will be premium and also the design which is going to be quite unique in its class and even though the outer dimensions don’t show it, the Discovery Vision Concept will be also available with a seven seat option which puts it in class with much bigger cars. Standard features are going to include a triple zone automatic climate control system, leather upholstery with fully electric seats all around the car, just five seats, a satellite navigation system which also acts as an infotainment system.

Exterior of Land Rover Discovery Vision 2016

The exterior of the 2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is something known to us from the Evoque being very similar to it even though the name doesn’t really suggest it. Some critics even went as far as saying that the next Discovery Sport is just a blown up version of the Evoque which is not exactly a bad thing.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision review

The front fascia of the car will be very similar to the Evoque while the back of the car will be using a new design which is actually inspired by that of the new Discovery with cleaner lines. There will be LED lights all around the car, the 19 inch wheels will be standard features even on the base model while the general size of the car will be a bit bigger than the current generation of the Freelander.

New Land Rover Vision Engine

Engine wise, the Land Rover Discovery Vision 2016 Sport will be featuring two different types of engines. The car which will be released in 2016 will be using Ford engines while the one offered from 2018 onwards will get their own Ingenium engines. The EcoBoost engine as well as the Duratorq engine are going to be 2 liter units with the petrol engine offering around 240 hp while the diesel will be offering around 170 horsepower.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision interior

The two Ingenium engines on the other hand are the more interesting from the range. Both of them will be 2 liter engines with power ranging from 200 to 250 horsepower and around 300 lb-ft of torque. These two will be offered only with a 9 speed automatic gearbox and all wheel drive and both of them will easily get well over 30 MPG which is better not only than any other car in its class, but better than most family cars out there.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision Price and Release Date

As far as we know, the actual production model will be released with the name of Discovery Sport and it will actually use a very similar platform to the current Evoque. The price of the car is expected to be similar to that of the Evoque, so expect to pay at least $35,000 for a base model which is quite a lot for a replacement of a car which was in the mid-25.000 range. The release date for the new Discovery Vision has been set somewhere in the second or third quarter of 2016.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Vision side

You can find information about its predecessor on this link: http://2016releaseandprice.com/2015-land-rover-discovery-vision/

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