2016 Ford SVT Bronco Release Date and Price

2016 Ford SVT Bronco featured

Ford has no doubt outdone itself in the world of automobile. It’s increasingly becoming one of those companies that are investing in giving its clientele various options in terms of the latest designs in the market. In addition to its unique designs, it has also ensured that the vehicle performance and concept is beyond impressive. One of the latest options to catch us by storm is the 2016 Ford SVT Bronco. With its elegant and modern design and a rather impressive concept, it dishes out one of the best driving experiences coupled with lots of comfort. The engine performance is undoubtedly top-class and anyone will certainly enjoy the captivating feel of to-notch vehicle.

Let’s have a look at some of its main attractions:

Engine and Performance

According to the latest indications, the 2016 Ford SVT Bronco engine options will be beyond impressive. Such options will include a 4.9l Powerstroke V-6 engine that runs on diesel. It dishes out up to 330 HP per 645lb-ft torque. Compared to its predecessors, this machine is much more impressive. The other engine option is the 5 L Coyote V-8 engines that produce 420HP.

2016 Ford SVT Bronco seats

This new edition of the Powerstroke engine will enable the vehicle haul any load with great ease while at the same time being economical in terms of fuel consumption. The third engine option will be the 5.8L v-8 supercharged engine that produces a whopping 662HP as well as 631lb ft. torque. In addition to these it has two transmission choices including a ZF-6 manual transmission and a 6R140 6-speed auto transmission.

It also has a Dana 60 differential on its front and a Sterling 10.25-inch differential on the rear which has 4.10 gears.


2016 Ford SVT Bronco back

2016 Ford SVT Bronco design has quite a captivating concept. The 2- door 4 by 4 SUV concepts has been employed. In addition, some of its external features display a luxurious appeal of course due to the application of the best material in its manufacture. The lead lights have been made using state-of-the art technology for adequate lighting provision. It also offers lots of comfort due to its spacious nature. The seats have also been made with excellent material to further enhance your luxury.

2016 Ford SVT Bronco interior

2016 Ford SVT Bronco Price and Release Date

2016 Ford SVT Bronco is set to be released during the second quarter of next year preferably during the summer. Ford has however not officially spelt out its exact price that it will go for but there are clear indications that it will cost a bit more than its predecessor.

finally its no secret that this is a high performance vehicle that will be in tandem with your needs. Be on the look out for its release.

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