2016 Ford Galaxy Release Date Review

2016 Ford Galaxy exterior

The 2016 Ford Galaxy is the fourth generation of a large MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) manufactured by the European branch of Ford. The new Galaxy has somewhat larger proportions compared to earlier models. Its exterior styling and superior performance are the main driving force behind the new Ford.

2016 Ford Galaxy Exterior

As stated previously, the Ford Galaxy 2016 is noticeably bigger than it used to be, giving its driver and occupants even more indoor space. But the changes did not stop there, as the whole concept was brushed up on.

2016 Ford Galaxy side

The 2016 Galaxy will feature a trapezoidal stripe grille in the front, which should be lower in this version. The windshield is also bigger and the new headlights are laid back. The rear will also get some improvements, in the form of new tail-lights, and the slightly altered tailgate.

Ford Galaxy 2016 Interior

The 2016 Ford Galaxy has seven seats as well as an interior that is quite similar to previous models. The only new feature is the angular flat-top dashboard, which actually feels out of place a bit. As far as materials go, we should expect lots of soft plastics, as well as cloth or leather for the upholstery. Both touch screen and navigation system count as optional equipment and cost an extra $2,000 in total.

2016 Ford Galaxy interior

The same goes for the back seat DVD system, basically a couple of small screens at the back of front-seat’s headrests. As befitting an MPV, the new Galaxy does not lack cargo space, especially if you fold the back seats. The visibility is excellent, largely due to the high driver position, big windshield and rear window. One good thing about the new Galaxy is how much comfort it provides, with its adjustable seats and the steering wheel which can also be made to suit your needs. The safety features include an airbag system, anti-lock brakes, and stability and cruise control.

exterior 2016 Ford Galaxy detail

If you want better electronic features, you’ll have to go for the optional packages. It will include a rearview camera, blind-spot monitors, power fold mirrors and adaptive cruise control, electric park brake, tire pressure monitors, and lane departure warning with forward alert to name a few. These are distributed over several optional packages.

Engine and Transmission of the new Ford Galaxy

The 2016 Galaxy will offer both several engine options both petrol and diesel, both 1.5L and 2.0L petrol and 2.0L diesel. The 1.5L EcoBoost I-4 could deliver 160 horsepower, while 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 should produce around 240 hp. On the other hand, 2.0L TDCi I-4 engine will be available with 120 hp, 150 hp and 180 hp.

2016 Ford Galaxy engine

With Bi-turbo technology, this could climb to 201 hp and 330 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque. They all come with 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the new 2016 Ford Galaxy will feature front wheel drive only. Fuel efficiency is what you’d expect, with the smallest EcoBoost engine rated at 34 mpg combined, while 2.0L turbo gets 28 mpg combined ratings. Diesel engine ratings can go as high as 40 mpg combined.

2016 Galaxy Release Date

The Galaxy series was never intended for US markets, so it will only make a debut in Europe and China, and this should happen by the end of 2015. The rest of the world may have to wait for next year, assuming 2016 Ford Galaxy even gets shipped there.

2016 Ford Galaxy Price

The price tag o a new Galaxy is expected to be somewhere in the $40,000 and $50,000 region, depending of the model and additional equipment.

2016 Ford Galaxy back

As far as MPVs go the new Galaxy has it all: great comfort, reasonable price and great performance rating for its class. What could be better?

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