2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda Price

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda featured

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda is a premium luxury car in its category with finest finishing in both interior and exterior segment. According to its previews it is going to rule the roads owing to its super classy finish and advanced features. The specifications of this premium luxury car for the passionate car owners are elaborated in details below.

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda Exterior and Interior Design

The interior has been designed in such a way that one can feel totally comfortable inside and the outer shine along with style will impress the users. Front side is equipped with a sharper head light and the LED tail light at back adds glamour to this car.

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda exterior

The structure and physical outlook of the car is very much attractive. Also in consideration is the color combination of this big car.

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda interior

Dodge SRT Barracuda 2016 Engine & Fuel Consumption

Eight (8), Six (6) and Four (4) litre engines are in offering with a range from 2.0 litres to 6.2 litres. Even there are chances of having super charged hemi like hemi v-8 in this automobile engine and the transmission seems to be a conventional clutch along with a dual one. Also there’ll be a six or seven speed stick that will help the machine to provide super performance. The machine with a high power train having a horsepower range from 490 to 540.

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda

Performance & Battery of the new Barracuda

The performance of the car is bound to be a great one as it is having a powerful and robust engine. Higher horsepower and adequate torque has made this car worthy to run in almost all road conditions. Hopefully, this will have a good value for money. With highly efficient battery given with the car, one will have no problem in running this elite car. A smooth ride is on the card and as this car has been engineered keeping all the specifications into consideration.

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda Price

This luxury car will come at a high price, mainly for rich people and normal people might not consider to buy it. But a car in the price range of $60,000 – $70,000 must be worthy keeping all the features it posses. The exterior has been designed as per latest trend, style and the look is quite impressive.

Release Date of Dodge SRT Barracuda 2016

2016 Dodge SRT Barracuda is ready to hit the road very soon, within couple of months and customers must have a delightful smile while driving the same. Although the price will be in a higher scale, still a section of the customers are waiting eagerly to book this efficient car.

In the slotted price range with all features provided, Dodge SRT Barracuda 2016, hopefully will give its competitors a run for money due to its specifications and due to its greater performance, agile body and light weight, this car surely will rock the market.

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