2016 Dodge Dakota Price Truck

2016 Dodge Dakota featured

The Dodge Dakota is in the class of a mid-size pickup track that is manufactured by Chrysler since 1987 and the 2016 year model will be in its fourth generation. Over the years this model became very popular in the market such that in the year 2000 it had won an accolade as the track of the year. However in the recent past it has faced stiff competition mainly from Nissan and Toyota leading to very poor sales in the market. In an effort to reverse this negative trend the manufacturer is expected to conduct a major redesign on the 2016 year model, mainly on its exteriors to make it have a more modern, aggressive and attractive appearance.

It is rumored that the 2016 Dodge Dakota will be based on a new platform with the Jeep model platform being mentioned to be the likely to be used. That should give it a more attractive external appearance than its predecessor. It is expected to be slightly longer in length and heavier than the current model though caution will be taken not to affect its fuel consumption rate. Also expected is a redesigned chromium grille while the headlights will be more streamlined. The front and rear bumpers will have similar color to the body. It will have a four-dour chassis and an open trailer that will be larger than that of its predecessor.

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

The Dodge Dakota 2016 interior will experience a massive renovation with the dashboard and seats expected to receive a total overhaul. Seats are going to be adjustable and made from flimsy skin. The dash board is equipped with modern features that includes: An LCD display screen, Audio system, navigation system, cruise control, ABS, air conditioning and many more. This car will have spacious interiors to create enough comfort and luxury.

2016 Dodge Dakota side

Performance of 2016 Dodge Dakota

Details about its expected power-train remain scanty as the manufacturer has not released any information to the public. However it is assumed that its engine will be similar to that of its competitors with very little deviation if any. It is therefore likely to be powered by a V6 engine with 4-cylinders and will be capable of generating 210 horsepower and 182 lb/ft of torque.

2016 Dodge Dakota review

It is expected to retain its 5-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy should be about 30-miles per gallon. More information about its power-train could be available in near future.

2016 Dodge Dakota Price

The 2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to receive stiff competition from the Toyota Tundra, Ford F-150 and the Ford Ranger. The price is thought to be around $60,000. The exact released date is not yet known but it should be in late 2105 where it will be released as a 2016 model year car.

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