2015 Toyota Corolla Review and Price

2015 Toyota Corolla featured

Refreshed and redesigned to offer efficiency, durability and reliability, the 2015 Toyota Corolla is out with a full swing. It is comes with compelling features which are an improvement from the previous sedan models in the same series. What is new in this sedan? It is equipped with an armrest at its rear centre in the higher trim models. Besides, there is the driver package for convenient driving.

2015 Toyota Corolla side


Its interior design is stylish and comfortable which is a far much improvement from the previous models making it a generational sedan. The automatic climate control and easy to use 6.1 inch touchscreen offers the best user-friendly experiences. The screen is highly responsive and clear suitable for a five star sedan.

Specs and Design

2015 Toyota Corolla preview

2015 Toyota Corolla is equipped with a 16 inch alloy wheels with a low-rolling resistance to offer the best fuel economy which rests at 36 mpg for the highway drive and 27 mpg for the city drive. Moreover, the S trim model is upgradable to S plus model of 17-inch alloy wheels and rear disc braking system. Its keyless ignition and easy navigation control system is no exceptional. Its comfort is extended by the leather wrapped steering wheel. The heated front seats and an upholstery vinyl are an added advantage to offer the topmost comfort in this sedan. Its wheelbase is going to be 3.9 inch longer than the previous models offering sufficient cabin space suitable for a whole family of five outing. Its trunk capacity is going to rest at an average of 13 cubic feet to facilitate easy loading and offloading of stuff.

2015 Toyota Corolla front


2015 Toyota Corolla is expected to be powered by a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine and will provide up to 132 horsepower and 128 pound feet torque. The other trim type like LE Eco is expected to output up to 140 horsepower making it a sporty model compact car. It is going to be equipped with a Continuous Variable Transmission system. It also features a valvematic technique that allows for the easy floating of the valves reducing drag and allow for faster throttling at high speed. Six speed manual and automatic transmission systems are available for a choice for this sedan.

2015 Toyota Corolla back

2015 Toyota Corolla Price and Release Date

The 2015 Toyota Corolla expected trading price for this truck is $16,000 for the lower trim models and up to $25,000 for the higher trim models. This sedan will be available in most show rooms in the later months of this year 2014. It is with no doubt that this car is going to impress many users across the globe.

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