2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision front view

When Land Rover pulled the covers off its latest vehicle called the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision, we were completely amazed. The new model boasts the company’s latest design language and reveals how they intend to keep the tradition going. The company announced that the new generation of the Discovery Vision will be leisure-focused vehicle perfect for every-day and off-road use. The new model is indicator of what we can expect form Land Rover in near future. Many people, experts, and reviewers reported that the vehicle has lingering cues from the mighty Range Rover and the LR4 which it replaces and so do we. However, the successor of the LR4 will have its unique features that will make it look fresh. Read the article below to remove all doubts.

Land Rover Discovery Vision 2015 Exterior

Generally, the new 2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision looks familiar but it does have a distinctive look. It has a sloping hood from which the sharply-angled windshield rises up. The thin B-pillar improves visibility while the C-pillar ensures structural support for the roof of the vehicle. There are also rear-swinging suicide doors.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision side view

The front grille ensures a rather aggressive look for the vehicle, while its newly designed headlights give it a menacing look. On the rear, the 3D-style taillights ensure good look for the back. Moreover, the headlights of the vehicle have automatic high beam control and laser. As for the details, the vehicle is 194.88 Inches long and 73.14 Inches tall. It measures 78.97 Inches with its wheelbase being 115.03 Inches long.

Interior of the new LR Discovery Vision

The cabin of the upcoming Land Rover Discovery Vision 2015 is well-equipped, spacious, and comfortable-three most important aspects for perfect driving feel. The greatest improvement arrives in the form of the carmaker’s “Smart Glass” system that uses every panel of glass as a computer screen. Each of the windows shows information over the outside world. The system works together with GPS and eye-tracing sensors and shows details, for example, about monuments and touristic attractions as the vehicle drives past.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision inside front view

Basically, the system follows passenger’s eyes looking at a particular object and displays images or text about the object on the window. Moreover, the seats, besides being comfortable and supportive, also have innovative methods of organizing and folding. The cabin of the Discovery Vision accommodates seven passengers at the time. The central row of seats can be folded down and becomes a table top. On the other hand, if you decide to fold down the two outside seats, you will get “limousine mode” for two passengers.

New Land Rover Engine

When we researched about the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision and when we read more about its innovative technology, we thought that it would be unthinkable to slap an existing engine under the hood of the newcomer. The carmaker is yet to release more information about the engine for this futuristic model. Time will tell what will be placed under the hood of this beast.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision engine

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision Release Date and Price

There are no official details about the release date and price but having in mind all the cutting-edge technology, we assume that the vehicle will cost close to $60,000.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision rear view

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