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2015 Honda Urban SUV featured

The small crossover segment has been dominated by Nissan after the release of the Juke, a small peculiar car which intrigued a lot of people. Well, Honda is ready to step it up with the 2015 Honda Urban SUV concept, a car which has been showed last year in the US. It was a small concept based on the Fit which used some really cool and fresh styling cues.

2015 Honda Urban SUV Changes

2015 Honda Urban SUV side

Its front was somewhat reminiscent of the new Accord while the profile was looking a bit like a downsized version of the CR-V. However, there were also unique touches like the fresh back with the LED tail lights and the dual exhaust system which is unique on this type of car. After the initial concept, Honda went forward and released the production car which is the Vezel, a successor of the older Honda HR-V.

New Honda Urban Engine

The 2015 Honda Urban SUV will most likely be featuring a 1.5 liter aspirated inline 4 which is part of Honda’s new generation of engines. Even though it is quite small, it is able to deliver up to 132 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque which should be more than enough for a car this small. The performance is quite good but the fuel consumption is the most impressive thing about it. Thanks to the CVT gearbox, the front wheel drive model can achieve around 40 MPG on average which is much better than the competition and it is starting to get close to the hybrid cars.


The all wheel drive version on the other hand will get around 38 MPG which is not that bad. In the near future, a hybrid version is also likely going to be launched which will feature a similar 1.5 liter engine coupled to an electric motor, the benefit being that it will get more than 46 MPG on average! The only drawback of these two engines is that at higher speed of over 60 miles per hour, the noise they make is quite accentuated and because it is a small car, the insulation isn’t as good as some other cars which makes the ride uncomfortable on longer periods of time.

2015 Honda Urban Interior

2015 Honda Urban SUV interior

Inside the 2015 Honda Urban SUV we get to see a new approach to the small crossover segment. The interior is well laid out with most of the controls aimed at the driver rather than being orientated to the back of the car. This allows him to better concentrate on the road but also gives it a very nice look compared to the competition.

Honda Urban Features

Standard features include automatic climate control, a small screen which can be upgraded to a navigation system, a very good audio system which puts to shame a lot more expensive units. The space for the back and front seats is better than average so a 6ft tall person will be able to sit with absolutely no problems in the back.

2015 Honda Urban SUV back

The production model might differ from the concept car with a slightly changed interior and exterior but considering the actual concept car is quite normal in appearance we tend to think that it will most likely be launched unchanged or very mildly changed over the concept car which is always nice because it gives us a much better looking car to look at.

2015 Honda Urban SUV Price and Release Date

2015 Honda Urban SUV review

As far as the pricing goes, it is slotted under the CR-V, but it is a bit more expensive than the Fit. The base asking price of the 2015 Honda Urban SUV model is around $20,000 which is quite good value for money when you considering the fact that it offers a lot of things smaller family cars don’t. The release date has been at the start of 2014 for Japan while in the US it will be sold starting with the first quarter of 2015.

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