2015 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

2015 Honda Pilot

The pilot model has been one of the bestsellers for Honda since the 90s and is still a top car line for the establishment. The tremendous spacing, great handling and all-wheel drive capabilities have been its main selling points. The 2015 Honda Pilot is no different on those perspectives, with only a few enhancement changes expected. The 2015 model still houses all the intuitive features including a leather interior, excellent drive-train and the all-weather ability. It however contains a few downers in terms of interior finishing that makes it slightly fall of the number one spot.

Engine and Performance

There is no outstanding improvement on the Pilot’s engine. The 2015 version will feature a standard 3.5 liter V6 engine with a horsepower of 250. The 5-speed automatic transmission is sufficient to ensure the Honda is swift, responsive and has low sounds. One of the characteristic advantages of Honda cars is their fuel economy and the 2015 Honda Pilot is expected to be no different. The EPA highway and city drive ratings were 25mpg and 18mpg respectively. This makes it one of the most efficient fuel consumers in the three-row category.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Explorer interior

The interior of 2015 Honda Pilot is made of cheap materials and finishing. The cabin however has sufficient storage and holding spaces for small supplies and ample cargo space. The spacing is incredible and most test drivers were happy with the abundant leg room which is uncharacteristic of three-row cars. Some of the interior features include blind spot monitoring, automatic tri-zone climate control, ventilated seats, USB port, Bluetooth and navigation. It also has seven stereo speakers for entertainment. It has rear and front parking sensors, powered sunroof and a rare view camera. The exterior comes in various forms including EX, LX, EX-L, Touring and the new SE only available in 2015 models. Exterior features include privacy glass, rare defrost, powered windows, optional running boards and all-season tires with optional wheel locks. The weight varies with the type and average around 4400 lbs.

2015 Honda Pilot side

Release Date and Price

Although it is labeled as a next years SUV, the 2015 Honda Pilot was scheduled to be presented in mid-2014 and was released in June. The starting prices were different depending on the model type (special edition, EX, LX…). The 2015 sells in the range of $29,630.00 to $41,390.00.


2015 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot for 2015 may have various downers when compared to other high quality SUVs in the market. Nonetheless, it still exhibits driving comfort, has no noise (smooth ride) and is swift on the road which is good for any car with three seat rows.

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