2015 Honda Fit Brings Hybrid Version Concept

2015 honda fit hybrid featured

The 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid has been remodeled to efficiently compete in the subcompact market. As announced at the North-American-International-Auto Show, the standard feature s that comes with the all-new hybrid model includes a rear-view camera, Bluetooth, and a standard USB jack. All that combined with its expected 41 mpg fuel economy, shorter length and more interior space, is deemed to make the new fit model a game changer for subcompacts, come next year.

First of all, the new Honda fit is redesigned to carry a descent amount of load when compared to its predecessor. This has actually been made possible by the magic of the folding rear seats which create additional space for carrying more stuff.

2015 honda fit hybrid review

Engine and Performance

To come up with a hybrid EPA rating of 33 mpg for city, 41 mpg for highway, and 36 mpg for combined regular fuel, Honda had to use an advanced 1.5 litre 4-cylinder engine with 130Hp after dropping the 5-speed automatic and manual transmission in favour of the new 6-speed manual and continuing variable transmission (CVT).

The hybrid version is expected to be the first to come out with the Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual-Clutch-Drive (I-DCD), and an essential 7-speed dual clutch transmission mounted on a 22KW electrical motor. With this kind of clutch transmission, the driver can completely release the car from gas engine, and allow it to operate on an electric-only drive.

Exterior Design

2015 honda fit hybrid truck

In size, the 2015 Hybrid Honda fit measures 160 inches long, with the wheelbase and width increased slightly when compare to the foregoing Honda fit models. More notably, the reared legroom has been upped by about 4.8 inches, despite being already descent for a car this size.

Instead of putting the usual driver side Lane-watch, the new Honda fit has a curving outer edge on the driver’s door mirror—referred to as the expanded view mirror. With this kind of mirror, the driver is less likely to miss the cars alongside his side—even by an inch–so long as he keeps his eyes open all the time.

While the exterior appears to be a little bit restrained, the entire car doesn’t appear cheap because of its cockpit-like layout. Apparently, the instrument panel must have paid more attention on the shapes, pieces, bezels, trims, and surfaces to create the design, which in a nutshell make it an outstanding car design if you happen to take a closer look.

2015 honda fit hybrid interior

For this with extra cash to spend on the car, Honda will be offering a number of extra luxuries, including the push button start, leather seats, sunroof, and a keyless access.

2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Release Date

The 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid is expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2014, after which it’ll be available in the market in September, 2014 even though the exact date for launching the car has not been officially announced by Honda.

2015 honda fit hybrid

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