2015 Honda Concept B Review and Price

2015 Honda Concept B featured

Few Months ago, at Beijing Motor Show, 2015 Honda Concept B Hybrid car was unveiled. Honda’s new concept car is stunning in looks. Moreover, company has stayed away from the five-door concept and is focusing lot on looks. However, production model might have some changes. Most experts believe car would be at lower end of the price spectrum and it will be available in Chinese market with in coming two years.


Power unit and other specification are unknown. However, we can be certain that car would go completely green satisfying all the necessary requirements of Chine CAFÉ. With great performance, like most hybrids cars are, it would be highly efficient in fuel consumption. Acceleration and torque power, another two aspects, Honda would be striving for.

2015 Honda Concept B front


Like most of its configuration, Honda has kept engine details under wrap. We can estimate it would have something that fits the lower end price range.


2015 Honda Concept B concept

Many makers have come up with the concept models but most of them are based on some or other regular production model. No car is looks amazing as compared to this 2015 Honda Concept B. Manufacturer is also striving for the beautiful looking car. Although the concept car looked aggressive and intense, company would make few more changes to make it little modest so every kind of user likes it. Car will maintain modern look and will be fine-tuned according to regulations.

2015 Honda Concept B backlight


Car has been appreciated for its looks. Generic Honda grill and large air dam offers bold and distinctive look. Car is sporting sharp headlight with LED-Daytime lights technology and much appreciated fog lights. Car will have new roofline, new shape side mirrors, and enhanced aerodynamic line. Concept car’s looks suggest model might attract lot of young drivers.

2015 Honda Concept B back


There is no still photo of the 2015 Honda Concept B interior but we can expect modern looking interior. As the Hatchback version is more popular in Chinese market, company has chosen it to draw more young drivers.

2015 Honda Concept B Release Date and Price

2015 Honda Concept B Concept would be released in coming year or so in Chinese market but soon the car would be available all over the world. However, car would take time to reach the rest of the world. After Chinese market the Japanese manufacturer is targeting U.S. Most of the inside reports suggest car would be on the lower end of the price range but there is no specific price that is released yet. Once the car makes to market, much of the doubts and speculations would be cleared. Price is still unknown. It will be release few months before entering market.

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