2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Price Specs

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 featured

New 2015 Ford Shelby GT500 is coming soon to the market. Here are some information. Henry ford was the man who invented the Ford motor company in the year 1903, June 16. The Ford motor company sells automobile and luxurious cars. The luxurious cars are sold under the Lincoln brand. The ford motor company also owns two car manufactures company and they are Troller the Brazilian SUV car maker and FPV the Australian car manufacturer. Ford Motor company also owns some of the stakes of Mazda as well as Aston martin.Since 1903 it has been automotive parts,luxury cars and commercial vehicles as well.

Engine,Fuel consumption and Performance

The 2015 Ford Shelby GT500 comes in five variants And they are V6 fastback,Eco boost fast back,Eco boost premium fast back,GT fastback and lastly GT premium fast back. There three types of engines one is the 2.3 liter ecoboost engines which comes only the eco boost variants,second one is the 3.7 liter Ti VCT V6 engine which only comes for the V6 fastback model and finally 5.0 liter Ti VCT V8 engine which comes only for the Gt fast back and GT premium fast back.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 engine

Still the Ford manufacture are yet decide how much mileage does the car offers in city or highway so regarding the fuel and mileage they are yet to be determined. Now both the 3.7 liter engine and 5 liter engine offer 300 BHP and 430 BHP at same rpm which is 6500 where as the 2.3 liter engine offers 310 horse power at 5500 rpm.

Interior and Exterior of Ford Shelby GT500 2015

Regarding the transmission the company offers a six speeed manual transmission which is for the basic model where as you have the option of switching to select shift transmission where you have both auto transmission as well as the manual transmission mode for all the variants. This gives you of driving changing gears manually or drive in auto transmission mode.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 interior

The air conditioner has to operated manually and another feature is the headlamps are activated automatically if it senses darkness and automatically switch off when day light appears and even the vipers are automatically operated when rain occurs. The 2015 Ford Shelby GT500 hand brake is leather wrapped as well as the seats and seat are 4 way adjustable. As usual it has a rear view camera and reverse sense parking system which helps them park the car with ease. The audio system has AM as well as FM with two USB ports for charging. Headlamps are HID(High intensity discharge) for all the 5 variants.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 review

It also has LED fog lamps as well as Led tail lamps which sequential in shape. The wheels have disc brake each separately and independent suspension only for the rear wheels. The Car comes with rear wheel drive instead of 4 wheel drive. The alloy wheels comes with two options one is the 17″ silver painted aluminium wheels and other one is 18″ foundry black painted aluminium wheels.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Price

The price of 2015 Ford Shelby GT500 vary from $23,600 to $36,100. The V6 fast back which is a basic model costs $23,600, secondly the eco boost fast track costs $25,170 thirdly the eco boost premium fast back costs $29,170, fourthly the Gt fast back costs $32,100 and finally the Gt premium fast back costs $36,100.

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