2015 Ford Ranger USA Review and Price

2015 Ford Ranger USA featured

Good news is here for the US car market customers. The new 2015 Ford Ranger USA is being anticipated by most customers. It is going to be the most fuel economizer compared to other models. This is because most of the consumers have felt the pinch of the high rising fuel prices in USA. It is expected to be available in most car shows in the course of this year of 2014.

Engine and Peformance

Critical analysis of the 2015 Ford Ranger USA shows that its exterior design is going to be a different one. It is going to have a carrying capacity of up to seven people. It is going to feature two rows of seats. For the mid-sized model of this car, it is expected to have the best off-road properties suitable for a family outing during vacations. The engine of this car is not going to vary so much from the 2014 model. It is going to be 2.2 with 150 horse power with an automatic transmission. Also featured in this series are those that will have a 2.3 engine with 143 horse power. It is going to feature a five speed manual gearbox especially on the Wild Truck and Limited types. The overall weight of this car model is greatly minimized to reduce on the fuel consumption. This is a great achievement to the FORD team.

Interior and Safety

2015 Ford Ranger USA interior

The 2015 Ford Ranger USA interior is going to be amazing with insulating materials in its ceiling and chassis. Its entrance is going to have a dual blocking figure for the best insulation. Safety being one of the credentials has been highly considered in this car model.

2015 Ford Ranger USA side

2015 Ford Ranger USA Price

Various models of this car are going to be available from an average of $20,000 for the base models. It is going to be an all four wheel drive car making it suitable to be driven under different environmental conditions. With the electric battery, this car is expected to perform efficiently whether on-road or off-road.

2015 Ford Ranger USA


It is expected to receive the warmest welcome in the auto market globally. Other models of this car series is expected to be run manually based on the needs and wants of the clients. It has the best revised towing braking system that will make driving an enjoyable adventure. Much of this car is expected by the users. In case you anticipate trying out this car, it is going to be available soon. Do not be left behind. It is much designed and redesigned to offer you the best.

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