2015 Ford Everest Release Date and Price

2015 Ford Everest featured

When 2015 Ford Everest enthusiasts attended the Bangkok Motor Show they were not expecting what Ford had in store for them. Ford had held its reputation with the release of the Ford Explorer and the Ford Flex. A few people had imagined that it would go higher than these two versions. The 2015 Ford Everest is the model in question.


This SUV has upheld style and class. It has rich technical as well as visual modifications. Ford has designed it precisely to accurate detail. It is even more attractive than the previous models. The manufacturer designed it to appeal to the younger generation as well as loyal consumers.

2015 Ford Everest side


The Ford Everest is equipped with voice recognition, premium material, a display screen, leather wrapped steering wheel to enhance comfort while driving, entertainment system and so much more. The manufacturer had in mind comfort and luxury when designing this model. The vehicle is equipped with turbo charged engines (Eco Boost) which increase its efficiency. The Eco Boost units are able to hold 1.5L while generating up to 180 horsepower. Diesel units can also become part of the package. They hold a minimum 2L engine while generating up to 150 horsepower.

2015 Ford Everest review

Specs and Performance

The Ford Everest has disk brakes that are ventilated at the rear and front. Its rear wheels are equipped with springs while the wheels at the front are equipped with independent suspension as well as a torsion bar. Ford lovers will enjoy the steering wheel’s adjustable feature allowing them to either column tilt it or collapse it. It can turn slightly over 6m.a 6 speed automatic is also part of this sweet deal. Its fuel tank is also another feature to highlight. It can hold up to 71L. Potential buyers can expect a mileage of up to 30. Ford lovers need not to worry about the impact this will have on the car’s battery. They can expect an even better battery than that of its counterparts.

2015 Ford Everest front

2015 Ford Everest Price

At this point all these features must get one excited about the release of this highly anticipated vehicle. The Ford Everest is expected to come out in May 2015. $30,000 may be a slightly small amount to part with for all the luxury and comfort this machine offers. Those expecting to purchase a higher trim Ford Everest will be expected to part with a price from $40,000.

2015 Ford Everest back

2015 Ford Everest Release Date

The 2015 Ford Everest is undoubtedly one of the few vehicles car enthusiasts are excited about in 2015. The month of May will be a rewarding month for the tireless wait some Ford lovers are experiencing.

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