2015 Ferrari California T Price

The 2015 Ferrari California T is a loud, fast and startling sedan that is simple to drive and maneuver. Its bodywork has been reworked for the betterment of its stylish and durable nature. The powertrain and transmissions have been upgraded to meet the current auto specifications. Luckily, the price has not being altered as it remains at $180,000 just like the previous model. The release date is just around the corner as Ferrari has announced to release it on the late September of 2014.

2015 Ferrari California T Powertrain specs

2015 Ferrari California T review

The new 2015 Ferrari California T has got a 3.8 turbocharged motor that generates a maximum output of 560 and torque of 557 pound feet. The engine is also boosted with a flat-plane crankshaft, two oil cooling jets, excellent copper content alloy pistons and roller-finger followers. Its variable pressure oil pump is refined and customized to operate at a lower draw of 1.5. The engine is also paired with two IHI twin-scroll turbos that boosts the engine performance by 19psi. The preferred battery is a lithium-ion which stores enough power to facilitate every power-needing component within the car.

2015 Ferrari California T Exterior specs

2015 Ferrari California T

The 2015 Ferrari California T bodywork calibrations have been modernized to meet the requisite car performance levels. As compared to the previous model, the springs have been made stiffer, shocks upgraded to lower friction while variable shocks have been dampened to improve the ride quality. The standard carbon-ceramic discs and pads have been designed with more durable materials while the ABS is equipped with new software. The exterior surface is also enriched with beautiful and durable materials that can withstand all kinds of exposures.


2015 Ferrari California T interior

2015 Ferrari California T interior

The interior is as well made to date with new and innovative features and components. New and better aerodynamic refinements have been improved to increased air flow, seats installed with heating capabilities, cargo, legroom and headroom increased to improve comfort and reliability. As well, the car is equipped with ultramodern devices such as cruise control, navigation control and entertainment systems all of which are made to boost the overall state of the car interior.


2015 Ferrari California T back

Due to the improved aerodynamics and increased airflow in the powertrain, the aero efficiency has been increased greatly. The stiffer springs and improved shock absorbers have lead to decrease in friction something that has as well enhanced the riding quality. The engine is as also attached with excellent and more efficient components something that makes it more powerful and efficient. As well, the interior and exterior surfaces have been packed with stylish and sturdy finishes all of which are intended to improve the car performance.

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