2015 Dodge Dakota Review Specs

2015 Dodge Dakota front side

Ever since 1987, the Dodge Dakota has been a popular mid-size pickup truck model, but the company wants to make it more appealing and more powerful and therefore it prepares some refreshments for it for the 2015 Model year. They want to increase sales and make it competitive, and therefore we expect to see a completely new version of the Dodge Dakota. Just like its predecessor, the 2015 Dodge Dakota will have a good-looking stance, luxurious cabin, and modern features, except that all of the qualities we mentioned will be offered in a new light. Let’s check what the company has done to make the Dakota stylish, modern, and attractive.

2015 Dodge Dakota Exterior

Unlike all of other trucks in business, the 2015 Dodge Dakota really has a unique and bold design. Compared to the vehicle it replaces, it will slightly grow in size. The main goal of the company is to make it more dynamic, contemporary, and luxurious and in this way attract as many buyers as possible. The overall weight of the vehicle will be increased but the company published that that won’t have negative influence on fuel economy.

2015 Dodge Dakota rear view

Indeed, fuel economy will be improved. The front of the pickup truck will have more streamlined headlamps and refreshed grille. The body-colored front and rear bumper contribute to the stylishness of the vehicle. As always, the new Dakota will have four doors and a trailer. Even thought the vehicle as grown in size, it seems that cargo area will be reduced, but don’t worry because large amount of cargo still can be placed.

Dodge Dakota 2015 Interior

When you take a seat behind the wheel, you will notice that many things have been changed, for the better of course. Both, aesthetic and functional aspects have been improved. Seats will be wrapped in cutting-edge materials for better look and additional comfort. The cabin is spacious enough to give you the sense of freedom, so the comfort is guaranteed.

2015 Dodge Dakota interior

The cabin of the 2015 Dodge Dakota boasts an enviable level of equipment. You will have a lot of entertainment and safety features there. You will find: a new audio system, air conditioning, cruise control, navigation system, touchscreen display, ABS, etc.

2015 Dodge Dakota Engine

According to some unofficial information, the new generation of the Dakota won’t deviate much from its predecessor and competitors in terms of engine. The company hasn’t revealed any details yet, and everything could happen but it is quite possible that a V6 engine with 4 cylinders will find its spot under the bonnet of the 2015 Dodge Dakota.


If this happens, the output should be around 210 horses. As for the transmission, there will be two options, a six-speed and a five-speed transmission. Fuel economy is a delicate thing for the company but they have put a lot of effort to improve it. They want to improve fuel consumption on 35 mpg, and whether or not they will be able to do that, we still don’t know. We hope they will, because the 2015 Dodge Dakota would be flawless then.

2015 Dodge Dakota side

You can also check out newer versions of the Dodge Dakota 2016 and 2017.

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