2015 BMW M9 Release Date Price

2015 BMW M9 side

There is no doubt that 2015 BMW M9 is among the finest models designed by BMW. After waiting for so long, we are glad to share good news. Designed by Radion, BMW M9 2015 is an updated version of its predecessors. Although it looks like BMW coupe, the new model has the latest technologies as well as updated interior and exterior. If you have plans of buying a new car in 2015, then you definitely need to consider this one.

Redesigned Exterior and interior of 2015 BMW M9

The interior of 2015 BMW M9 is completely different from that of its predecessors. The two-seater sports automobile has abundant space in its chamber with adjustable seats for convenience. The car comes with an updated deck with battery chargers and a music system that will keep you entertained throughout the journey. The model has loads of features including updated parking sensors and airbags.

2015 BMW M9 inteiror

The automobile comes with LED headlights connected in series and extended to the radiator grille. The rear LED lights also offer a great impression. The stylistic and comfortable roof takes care of Passengers with different heights. The spotlights used in designing the car will make you to love it more. Furthermore, it has a long bonnet and a lock system. The exterior of 2015 BMW M9 is a combination of GT and Sports car thus making one of a kind.

2015 BMW M9 side angle

BMW M9 Engine specs

2015 BMW M9 will have either V12 or V8 engine located in its long bonnet. To make it sportier, the model will have a top speed of 320kph or higher. The manufacturer has reduced the weight of the car and increased the speed as well as introduced a more powerful engine to make better for those who want to engage in sporting activities. Unlike the predecessors that featured a 4395cc engine, this model will have more power to make it efficient.

BMW M9 Concept engine

The chassis and the rest of the proportions of this model will not be different from the other models in the M series but the will have a few changes that we have not confirmed. When it comes to fuel consumption, this model will have a higher one when compared to the previous models because of its sporty design and high power.

2015 BMW M9 Price and release date

We do not have much information about the release of 2015 BMW M9 because the company has kept it as a top secret. However, we expect the model to hit the market in the second half of 2015. Similarly, we are not sure about the price, but it could cost from $ 300, 000 to $ 500, and 000 if rumors are anything to go by. So far, we do not have information about the road price of this model.

2015 BMW M9 back

In conclusion, BMW M9 2015 is one of the models that you will appreciate especially if you have a great passion for sports cars. The new model will have completely redesigned interior and exterior to make more appealing than its predecessors do. The machine will also have many features to enhance on its efficiency and comfort such as the stylistic roof and long bonnet with a lock system. The combination of features and price of this model makes it worth buying.

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