2015 Acura TSX Review Specs

2015 Acura TSX featured

The 2015 Acura TSX is a perfect blend of comfort compounded with power to give a magnificent ride. The engine comes with 2 new DI (direct injection) engines for delivering more power and efficiency. With a 2.4 Litre engine DOHC/ VTEC model four-cylinder, the car is able to deliver 206 hp and peak 182 lb-ft or torque. Compared to the TLX, 2015 Acura TSX posts better performance and fuel economy.

2015 Acura TSX Fuel consumption

2012 Acura TL SH-AWD

This superbly designed ride is fitted with 3.5 direct injection 24 valves V6 engine. This replaces previous TL 3.7 and 3.5 engines. It also posts better fuel economy with a rating of 24/35/281 mpg. To raise the efficiency of engine fuel, the car is fitted with VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) that helps to automatically deactivate three cylinders when the car has lighter loads. It is also fixed with idle stop feature to raise the efficiency further.

Acura TSX 2015 Engine

2015 Acura TSX is available in two models. The buyer can select a car fitted with a 4 cylinder 2.4-litre engine or 3.5-litre engines of the V6 model. For greater efficiency, TSX car can either be front wheeler or four wheeled drive. The engines are fitted with either 8 –speed clutch transmission that has a torque converter as well as sequential sport shift peddles. The 9 –speed automated transmission is available for four wheel and two wheel drive TSX. This makes it easy for clients to get better performance depending on what they want to do with the the ride.

2015 Acura TSX back

Battery of Acura TSX 2015

The Car comes with a perfect Nickel-Hydride power battery which has an output reaching 244.8volts. This makes it easy to power all the systems of the car even when idling. The battery is also designed to last for a long time before requiring a recharge.

2015 Acura TSX interior

The battery also powers the last generation model of Bluetooth as well as the interior conditioning when the car is stationary. Other systems of the car that make it ideal include modern braking system as well as real corner traffic-system for additional safety.

2015 Acura TSX Release Date and Price

The price of the new Acura TSX ranges slightly depending on the model that one wants. While the highest cost is expected to be US $ 35,000, the range gets down to US$ 28,000 for the front-wheel driven car. It is because of this affordability and high performance that is making the car to be a force to reckon with in the market.
This car is a true revelation for the car enthusiast. It bellows class and at the same time does not compromise on power.

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